Innovation Technologies

At the end of 2013, a research centre, Modified Polymers, was created in the structure of Obuv Rossii Group of Companies. The main line in the operation oft he Centre is development and testing innovative materials for shoe production (polymers and membrane materials.) 

The team of the Modified Polymers Research Centre consists of scientists who have much experience in the sphere of polymer material development. Designer, modified polymers are a promising line, as these materials are widely used in various industrial sectors and are characterized by virtually limitless possibilities to change their composition, structure and properties.

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The Centre develops superlight, superstrong and frost resistant materials that improve the footwear consumer performance. For example, now the Centre is experimenting with nanotubes that make it possible to significantly improve the strength of EVA materials. 

Obuv Rossii uses the results of developments both in its own production and when placing orders via outsourcing to partner factories. The Company also does research to develop new materials by requests of third parties from related industries.

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