Technologies and Quality Control

"Obuv Rossii" Factory is equipped with equipment of world's leading producers: 

  • Desma Injection Molding Units

An injection molding unit installed at the factory is unique equipment for Russia. Its feature is that the liquid sole material is poured into the mould and sets solid in direct contact with leather. Thus the sole "adheres" to the upper at the molecular level. Footwear with natural fur is manufactured by this technology in our country only at "Obuv Rossii" factory.

Desma Company is a producer and supplier of modern equipment to manufacture products of rubber and silicone, a strategic partner who offers effective system solutions for the modernization of production of mechanical-rubber goods, performs complex support of its customers in solving different production and technical tasks. DESMA company has got a world-wide reputation of a leading specialist in the area of systems of complex solutions.

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  • Orisol Automated Sewing Systems

Orisol is an Israel company, one of the leaders of the world market producing sewing complexes, along with Pfaff of Germany. Automated sewing systems by Orisol are machines of new type, they use a technology that is radically new for footwear production. Orisol systems make it possible to sew complex models of footwear, the upper of which consists of many elements and is made of materials of different textures, for example, semi-sport and sport footwear. The production rate of such systems is 5-6 times higher than that of traditional sewing machines. In addition, Orisol machines make it possible to reduce the reject rate to zero and to highly increase the quality of sewn uppers. 

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