Orisol Training Center

On 12 December 2016, the first and the only Orisol Training Centre in Russia and CIS countries was opened. Orisol is a global leader in the production of automated sewing systems. The training centre is a joint project of Obuv Rossii and Orisol based on the Obuv Rossii’s factory in the town of Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region. Investments in equipping and starting up the centre were 20 mln rubles.

The long-term objective of the centre is to introduce new technologies in Russia and to make Russian shoe sector more competitive, all the more so as the period now is favourable for the development of manufacture in our country. 

Equipment in the Centre includes:

  •  three automated sewing machines of the Orisol company (with different sizes of sewing areas);
  • a computer-controlled milling cutter to make pallets;
  • a software suit and additional instruments.

The training centre is intended first of all to train fashion designers, technologists and engineers that operate state-of-the-art NC machine tools and 3D programs. Training consists of three parts: an introductory course that lasts 2 weeks and is held in the centre, its main purpose is to develop shoe models using new machines, to design pallets; the second part includes startup of the machines at the factory where the trained specialist works; the third part of the training is held some time later (2-3 months) at the enterprise, when the employees already have some experience in operating new machines and they need to deeper understand the specifics of automated system functions.

It is planned that enrolment in new groups will take place once every four months; in such a way, 30-50 specialists will be trained in the Centre every year. If the demand from shoe enterprises grows, the frequency of the seminars will be increased. 

The Training Centre will work in Russia and CIS countries. The first training session started in March 2017. Simultaneously, eight students can study in the Centre – first of all engineers, design engineers, technologists and designers. Teachers in the Centre are engineers from Obuv Rossii who were trained in Taiwan. In addition, specialists from Orisol from Israel, Bulgaria and Taiwan will come to the Centre every six months to hold training programs for advanced users of the Orisol technology. 

Orisol is a company from Israel, along with the German Pfaff company, it is one of the leaders on the global market in the manufacture of sewing machines. The manufacture facilities are located in Israel and in Taiwan. Orisol produces machines of new type equipped with software allowing full automation of the shoe making process. The productive capacity of Orisol systems is 5-6 times higher than productive capacity of common sewing machines. Orisol systems make it possible to produce complicated shoe models with a big number of parts of various materials with various structure and to deliver high quality final products.


633010, Berdsk, Lenina St., 89/6

Telephone: +7 (38341) 3-05-01

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