Lines of Business

Production facilities of Obuv Rossii are located in the city of Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk Region. Currently, Obuv Rossii produced footwear with all main types of sole attachment – cement, injection moulded and combined construction methods. And the Obuv Rossii factory is one of the most advanced factories as to the technologies and equipment in our country.

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Technologies and Quality Control

Obuv Rossii develops and introduces own manufacturing techniques that make it possible to produce footwear adjusted to Russian climatic conditions. The Company has a team of professional technologies that organize stage-by-stage and final quality control. It makes it possible to achieve high quality of the final product – the level of return of rejected products in Obuv Rossii retail chains is 0.6-0.8 % (to compare: in Europe the normal rate is 3-4 %).

A mouliding machine installed at the factory is unique equipment for Russia. It is peculiar because the material for the sole is poured in the liquid form into the cast and solidifies in direct contact with the leather. As a result, the sole coheres with the upper at the molecular level. Footwear with natural fir is produced in our country with the help of this technology only at the Obuv Rossii’s factory.


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More than 6000 sq.m. are production facilities of the company

Innovation Technologies

At the end of 2013, a research centre, Modified Polymers, was created in the structure of Obuv Rossii Group of Companies. The main line in the operation oft he Centre is development and testing innovative materials for shoe production (polymers and membrane materials.)

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Orisol Training Center

The long-term objective of the centre is to introduce new technologies in Russia and to make the national footwear industry more competitive, especially since it is now favorable time for the development of production in our country. 

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