Number of Delivered PickPoint Online Orders in Obuv Rossii Stores Reaches 1,000 a Week


Obuv Rossii Group, the first publicly traded company in Russian fashion retail, announces the results of the first month of a joint project with PickPoint (a leading logistics operator of the Russian e-commerce market), which started at the end of October. 160 sales outlets have been included in the project (with their number to grow up to 250) both in big cities and in towns with the population from 50 to 100 thousand people. Pickup points are located mainly in the Westfalika stores, Obuv Rossii’s key retail chain. The number of delivered parcels already reaches 1,000 parcels per week.

“Dynamics of parcel delivering is very high – we have delivered 88 parcels over the first week of the project. At present, online customers receive on average 136 parcels a day. During the last week of November, already 950 parcels were delivered. Clients choose our stores as pickup points because of convenient location – there are public transport stops nearby to reach any destination. In addition, the stores enable the customer to not only get the product, but, if necessary, to try on,” says Natalya Kulikova, head of the financial services group in Obuv Rossii. “We expect the number of received online orders to further increase due to including new stores and partners in the project, and due to the growth of Russian e-commerce market.”   

Obuv Rossii Group actively expands the network of its partners. The retailer has already started to cooperate with DPD company, having launched 27 pilot pickup points in Obuv Rossii stores. Joint projects with leading logistic operators of the Russian e-commerce market allow driving additional foot traffic to stores, maintaining the development of Obuv Rossii’s online stores and increasing customer loyalty.

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