Obuv Rossii Expands Range of Goods under Westfalika Medical Brand


Obuv Rossii Group, the first publicly traded company in the Russian fashion retail, has expanded the range of goods under the Westfalika Medical brand (a specialized line of foot and body care products). The assortment was replenished with shampoos and balms of two types — with salt of the Dead Sea and with henna. The new assortment appeared in the stores at the end of July. Customers took the novelty positively: thus, in early October, the realization of these goods was 3.5 times higher than the planned targets.

The SKU number of face creams was also increased in this season. Obuv Rossii started to sell face creams as an experiment in the autumn-winter season of 2017/18. Two types of creams (night and day) were offered to customers then. The novelty showed good sales, and in the current autumn-winter season the assortment was replenished with an eye contour cream, a cream with a lifting effect, and a rejuvenating cream. A moisturizing body cream was included in the line of Westfalika Medical for the first time. The creams are produced by the Russian company of «Adelaide» that has been on the market of cosmetic products for over ten years and specializes in manufacturing white cosmetics. Obuv Rossii cooperates with «Adelaide» in production of foot creams and care products with pink salt.

«These high results of the new assortment are explained by the fact that customers are familiar with the Westfalika Medical mark and trust it. In addition, our clients take novelties positively. For example, the sales of the sole massage appliance, that we offered to our customers this season, were 3 times higher than the planned targets in early October», — comments Olga Danilova, Head of Related Goods Department of Obuv Rossii Group. «We cooperate with the leading Russian producers of cosmetic products on the line of Westfalika Medical. These companies are open to experiments and constantly introduce new technologies».

Obuv Rossii has been developing the Westfalika Medical brand since 2010. The Company started with one type of foot care cream, and the line of goods was further expanded to include different types of creams, care products with pink salt, different accessories, etc. The assortment of Westfalika Medical has over 50 SKU at the current moment.


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