Obuv Rossii Transferred Its Retail Chain to New "Rassrochka 2.0" IT-Platform


Obuv Rossii Group, the first publicly traded company of the Russian fashion retail, completed the introduction of the upgraded "Rassrochka 2.0" (Installment 2.0) platform to manage financial services at the end of September. The whole retail chain of the Group, that has over 650 stores, and the headquarters in Novosibirsk were transferred to this platform. The new solution is not technically tied to the head office, it enables to more flexibly adjust parameters and personalize offers for Company’s customers. In addition, the new platform allowed introducing the block chain to protect personal data.

The service of instalment payments has been operating in the company since 2009. Obuv Rossii developed and introduced its own software solution based on 1C (the Russian leading application for business automation) to support the project in 2010. "We studied the solutions offered by the market, but there was nothing that could suit us and be adapted for our product and our audience, the market only offered solutions for banks. That's why we created our own scoring system and our own software module to manage financial services", comments Dmitry Karpenko, IT Director of Obuv Rossii. "We further improved our IT product, we started a new service of money loans, we expanded the range of our functions. As the chain grew, the client base increased, and the need to personalize offers of the Company appeared, it was clear that the platform required not only improvement but fundamental changes."

Obuv Rossii has been developing and introducing the new platform since 2017. The partner in the project became InfoSoft Company, with which the Group has been cooperating in automating business processes for a long time. Obuv Rossii completed this work at the end of September 2018.

"Rassrochka 2.0." is a principally new IT product. This platform is decentralized and territorially distributed in data centres of the Company in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk. It makes it possible to remotely execute new contracts of instalment payments and cash loans and accept payments under current contracts in the regions, independently of the head office. A block chain project for the protection of the client data was implemented on the new platform. The speed of executing contracts has increased, and the time of making a decision to issue a loan or an instalment payment plan has decreased. The software interface has become more transparent and understandable for employees, due to which the number of errors in executing contracts has reduced. It has become possible to analyse the work of employees at the retail outlets and to find out places where it is necessary to conduct additional training of employees.

Thanks to the new platform, Obuv Rossii has introduced the personalized approach in the work with customers, since "Rassrochka 2.0" enables to more flexibly adjust parameters of special offers for customers based on the history of interaction with them and make individual offers, which finally has a positive impact on the sales. According to the Company’s data, the average ticket size of an instalment purchase is 2 times higher than that of a traditional purchase. By now, over 1.2 million clients of the Company have already used the service of instalment payment.

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