Obuv Rossii is Developing it’s Supply Chain


The top-management of Obuv Rossii group met with representatives of Indian footwear factories at the end of the previous week. The company is actively enhancing its retail chain: this year it has already launched more than 100 stores and by the end of the year, 150 outlets will start functioning. Obuv Rossii develops its range of goods, introduces new product groups that is why it is interested in developing its supplier base. India is the world’s second largest footwear manufacturer; it produces almost 2.5 bln pairs per year and occupies more than 10% of the world footwear production. The most part of footwear that India exports is leather footwear.

Obuv Rossii produces footwear at Russian factories including its own production in the Novosibirsk region as well as outsources abroad. To provide various collections it is necessary to have a wide supplier base since the technologies of producing different types of footwear differ and each manufacturer is specialized on the certain assortment.

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