Obuv Rossii Group Has Paid the Ninth Coupon on Series БО-06 Exchange-Traded Bonds in the Volume of RUB 34.4 mln


Today, on 25 June 2018, interest on the ninth coupon of Series БО-06 exchange-traded bonds (identification number 4B02-06-16005-R of 21 March 2016) of ObuvRus LLC (part of the Obuv Rossii Group).

The total paid amount is RUB 34,405,480 (68,810.96 roubles per one bond) which corresponds to the coupon rate of 13.8% annually. The Company has fulfilled its obligations of coupon interest payment.

Obuv Rossii placed a public offer for the subscription of its БО-06 Series bonds in the amount of RUB1 bln on 28 March 2016 at MICEX. The number of issued securities is 500 with the nominal value of 2 mln rubles. The term of lending is five years; the bonds are putable in three years. The coupon yield is paid every quarter. The organizer and technical underwriter of the transaction is PAO AKB Svyaz-Bank.

Currently, three issues of Obuv Rossii bonds, БО-01, БО-06 and БО-07, are listed at Moscow Exchange for the total amount of RUB3.5 bln.


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