Obuv Rossii Has Introduced Blockchain In Its Financial Service Management


Obuv Rossii has completed a project of blockchain introduction into its IT-systems to manage Company’s financial service projects such as installment payments and cash loans. The main aim is to ensure safety of personal data and of information on transactions under contracts with customers. It is Company’s own development fully adjusted to Group’s IT-systems and integrated with the Obuv Rossii’s ERP-system based on 1C.

“The blockchain is required to manage interaction with customers who use additional services of the Group. They are regular customers with whom we have cooperated for a long time. Currently, there are 1.2 mln people of such customers in the base. Additional services are becoming more popular: according to the results of 2017, the installments portfolio grew by 20.7% up to 3.24 bln rubles. The key task of the blockchain technology is preservation of the whole history of interactions with our customers, namely: personal data, information about mutual obligations, payments, etc.”, says IT Director of Obuv Rossii Group, Dmitry Karpenko.

Introduction of the blockchain will ensure safety, reliability, relevance and authenticity of the information on all transactions (contracts) excluding a possibility of any unauthorized changes. What is more, it includes both external interferences (hacker attacks, failures in the communication channel operation, etc.) and internal ones. The Company is actively expanding its chain: by 18 May 2018, 50 new stores had been opened; 50 more sales outlets will start operation by the autumn-winter season. On a mid-term horizon, the Group intends to expand its chain up to 1,000 stores. Simultaneously, the Company develops additional financial services and the range of its services. In such conditions, one of the main tasks is to ensure control at local level, to automate business processes to the maximum, to guarantee information integrity and to exclude a possibility of any unauthorized changes.

Data about interactions with the customers is encrypted and stored in a distributed manner in three Data Processing Centres of the Company: in Novosibirsk (central data-centre), Khabarovsk and Moscow (the latest was created in spring this year). A two-level encryption system is used: first, each contract is assigned a unique identifier (hash), then the contracts concluded within the day are united in blocks and are encrypted too. Each hash of the contract and block contains a reference to the previous block or contract. As a result, information and system integrity is guaranteed.

Having obtained successful experience in the introduction of a blockchain in financial service management, information integrity and protection, Obuv Rosii is considering other spheres of its application. The Company is analysing the possibility of blockchain technology usage in accounting and CRM (loyalty system).

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