Obuv Rossii Invests More Than RUB 40 Mln In Its IT-Infrastructure And Creates Data Center In Moscow


Obuv Rossii Group, ranked among top two Russian footwear retailers, will launch its own data center in Moscow implementing the program of regional data processing centers launching. The Group started to carry out the project in early March. All works connected with purchasing, installation and testing of the equipment for the data center will be completed within several months. The new data processing center will reach its full capacity by the autumn-winter season of 2018. By implementing the IT-strategy as refers to IT-infrastructure capacity and reliability enhancing, the Company will also increase the capacity of the central DPC in Novosibirsk and of the regional DPC in Khabarovsk. The total investments in the project, including the data center in Moscow, will exceed RUB 40 mln.

In October 2017, Obuv Rossii held an IPO on Moscow Exchange and has been actively developing its retail chain implementing its investment program: in 2017 it grew by 83 stores. The Company intends to maintain further high chain growth rates: in 2018, it plans to open 100 stores. The Company is already well presented in Siberia, in the Urals region and in the Far East, having plans to expand its chain presence in the western part of Russia.

“Taking into account Company’s plans, we increase the capacity and reliability of the existing IT-infrastructure and its scalability. Our stores operate in all time zones; we are developing omni-channel sales and the line of additional services for customers, which requires a high level of IT system integration and ensuring their 24-hour service capability,” says Dmitry Karpenko, IT director of Obuv Rossii Group. “That is why we have such tasks up front as providing uninterruptible 24/7/365 online operating mode independently of time zones, as well as enhancement of system flexibility, mobility, scalability and failure tolerance. To solve these tasks, in 2014 we opened a central data center in the head office in Novosibirsk and at the end of 2016 we started to implement a program of creating regional DPC, having launched a data center in Khabarovsk. Now we work to open a DPC in the central part of Russia.”

The new data processing center in Moscow will be built on the basis of a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise platform which is used in the previous Company projects allowing easy DPC integration with the existing capacity. The equipment will be placed on a site of Softline, a long-time Obuv Rossii’s partner in the implementation of complicated comprehensive IT projects. It carried out the infrastructure development part of the DPC creation projects in Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk and is carrying out the project in Moscow. The capacity of the new DPC in Moscow will be 96 cores, with 1TB of RAM and 20 TB of processed information. The capacity of the main DPC in Novosibirsk will be increased by 240 cores, the RAM volume will be 2TB, the processed information volume – 40TB. It is planned that the data storage system capacity for critical business processes will be increased 5 times. As for DPC in Khabarovsk, the data storage capacity for critical business processes will be increased 3.4 times while the planned increase in data storage capacity for critical business processes is 8 times.

To launch the DPC in Moscow, Obuv Rossii rents a Softline site for its equipment. Such approach helps reduce capital expenditures and accelerate deployment of new capacity that is critically important for further development of Obuv Rossii Group. “Now the Company virtually does not have any limitations connected with further scaling of the IT-harness of the core business in this region,” comments Roman Sharabarin, the head of the department for industrial sector client relations in Softline Group. “Softline provides startup and commissioning of equipment; after that we will service the system. The third data center will make it possible for Obuv Rossii to create a geographically distributed IT-infrastructure; the data will be distributed among three DPC located in different regions (Moscow-Novosibirsk-Khabarovsk) allowing the enhancement of fault tolerance of the integrated Company’s IT-system and business efficiency.”


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