Obuv Rossii to Start Testing a Training Robot


Obuv Rossii Group plans to introduce an educational chatbot in order to train its employees in the financial services projects implemented by the Company and to increase the staff financial competence. Kazan, where the Company has 9 stores, will become the first city, in which Obuv Rossii will launch the new system testing. During 4 weeks the bot will provide employees with study materials and then it will check the level of knowledge in different modes (a simulator and an examination).On the basis of chatbot testing results in Kazan, Obuv Rossii Group will make a decision on the project launching in all Group subdivisions.

"Our Company is now operating in more than 150 cities, we have over 550 stores, we are planning to further actively expand the chain this year. That's why the task to quickly communicate the information on all the projects of the Company and the changes introduced has come to the fore," comments Igor Rodyushkin, Deputy Financial Director for Financial Services of Obuv Rossii Group. "We are looking for new high technology solutions, one of which is chatbot. The introduction of such a robot will allow us not only to perform training in the interactive mode, which ensures better digestion of knowledge, but also to operatively communicate information on the changes to every employee in all the regions of our presence."

The educational chatbot is a development of Neuro Lab! Algorithms. The personnel is trained in the mode of a dialog (chat) with the chatbot in the Telegram messenger that provides an employee with a personal feedback. This makes it possible to carry out tests, quizzes, polls, in the process of which strong and weak points of a trainee are recorded. The educational chatbot has a continuous personalized educational dialog with thousands of trainees, performs training in the unlimited number of subjects in the 24/7 mode individually for every user. On the basis of results of the chatbot operation, the analysis of the level of knowledge and competence of employees is provided.

The use of an educational chatbot is a new trend on the market and a promising area that makes it possible to substantially reduce the costs of the training of employees, to speed up the process of training and to increase its efficiency. Such companies as ShashlikoFF, Center of Financial Technologies, Novosibirsk State University, the restaurant holding of Ginza Project, and Gazprombank are already actively using similar solutions in their activity.

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