Obuv Rossii Increases Sales of Textile Clothing by 13% Over the First Six Months


Obuv Rossii continues to expand its range of products and increase its revenue from related products: for example, during the first six months of 2017 the sales of clothing made of textiles and of underclothing in Company’s stores increased by 13% as compared with similar period of 2016. Over the six months of 2017, 23,600 products for the amount of 16.5 mln rulbes were sold. 

“In addition to outdoor clothing, we also began to introduce a second layer clothing made of textiles and underclothing to our collections. During the first six months, we expanded this range: now we have polo-neck shirts, T-shirts, sport shirts, as well as underclothing for men. All products in the presented line are mainly made of natural fabrics or fabrics with natural fibers. All these factors have positively influenced the sales in this product category” says Olga Danilova, head of Related Products Department, Obuv Rossii GC. “We also see an increased demand in hosiery – the sales grow by 17% as compared with the same period last year.”  

Obuv Rossii will continue to develop its range of clothing made of textiles and of underclothing. This year, in July, jackets and cardigans will be added. It is planned for the next year to expand the range of men’s underclothing too. In general, there are over 4,500 SKU of related products now in Obuv Rossii’s stores. According to the results of 2016, sales in this line exceeded 2.2 bln rubles, their share in trade receipts being 27.3%. 

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