The Share of Mobile Sales in Obuv Rossii Online Stores Increases to 25%


In May, an updated mobile version of online store, the main online site of Obuv Rossii GC, began to work. Just in the first month of its operation, the number of orders sent from mobile devices increased by 2%. Before that, updates of one more online store of the Company,, were made. As a result of the improvements in the online media, the mobile sales share in the e-commerce line of Obuv Rossii made up 25%.

According to the Data Insight research agency, the growing number of people who use mobile versions is one of the key trends influencing the e-commerce market development. According to the results of 2016, sixteen percent of sales in general on the market were effected vial mobile devices. This share in the companies that are the biggest players was more than 30%, the purchases being made mainly using the mobile websites, not the mobile applications.

“The number of mobile visitors of our websites has been growing during the past several years; this trend preserved this year too: in the first quarter of 2017, the mobile traffic of the online store increased 7% more and made up 43%” says Sofia Makarevich, the head of the online sales line in Obuv Rossii GC. “Taking into account this tendency, we launched updated mobile versions of and The new website versions make it possible for the customers to purchase something conveniently and quickly.”

Obuv Rossii entered the e-commerce market in March 2014. Currently, the Company runs four online stores:,, and The Company increases its online sales every year: in 2016, the revenues from online sales increased 1.5 times, in the first quarter of 2017 – by 37%. Over the past two years, the range of products at the online sites of Obuv Rossii significantly expanded including now shoes, clothes, various accessories and related products. For example, there are over 5,000 SKU on the website of online store. 
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