Obuv Rossii to Open up to 50 New Franchise Stores by Autumn


Obuv Rossii launches a new franchise program: in the three summer months the company  will open 40-50 partner stores. The expansion geography includes cities and towns throughout Russia, both in the regions where Obuv Rossii is present, and in the regions where Obuv Rossii is not represented yet, for example, the North Caucasian Federal District. The Company will also increase the number of brands for the franchise program. We only had Lisette and Westfalika earlier, but now S-TEP, Stella Mazarini and Emilia Estra will be added to them. The Company has already been developing its own chain under the brand of Emilia Estra, but it is for the first time that the stores will be opened under the footwear brands of Stella Mazarini and S-TEP. As a result of the project implementation, the chain of Obuv Rossii franchise stores will increase from the current 70 to 120 stores by the autumn-winter season, and the retail chain of Obuv Rossii will exceed 500 stores.

"Now the share of franchise stores in the total number of our retail outlets is 15%. For us the franchise is an additional instrument to develop out retail. The program implementation purpose is to expand the sales geography and markets, to enter the cities where Obuv Rossii has not got its own chain yet. The increase of the brand package in order to launch franchise stores will help us attract new clients and increase the audience of our purchasers, first of all in the regions that are new for us, in which the footwear market is not saturated and the federal and global players are poorly represented," comments Director of Obuv Rossii GC Anton Titov. 
Wholesale clients, with which Obuv Rossii has been cooperating for more than one year, will mainly become the new franchise partners of the Company. They will be offered a new format of cooperation, when they will launch retail outlets under the brands of Obuv Rossii, work in compliance with the standards of the Company, get advertising support from the brand, etc. 

The franchising program is a part of the total strategy of the Company to expand its presence in the regions in the medium term. In addition to franchising, Obuv Rossii plans to develop its own retail, which is a top-priority direction for the company. The share of franchise stores will be kept at the level of 15-20%. Obuv Rossii plans to open 20 own stores under the brands of Westfalika, Peshekhod and Emilia Estra by the end of 2017.   

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