Obuv Rossii Has Paid the Fourth Coupon on Series БО-06 Exchange-Traded Bonds in the Volume of 34.4 Mln Rubles


Today, 27 March 2017, interest on the fourth coupon of exchange-traded bonds of Obuvrus LLC (part of the Obuv Rossii Group of Companies) series БО-06 were paid (identification number 4B02-06-16005-R of 21 March 2016.)

The total paid amount is 34,405,480 rubles (68,810.96 rubles per bond), which corresponds to the coupon rate of 13.8% annually. The Company has fulfilled its obligations of coupon interest payment. 

Obuv Rossii placed a public offer for the subscription of its bonds, series БО-06 in the amount of 1 bln rubles on 28 March 2016 in Moscow Exchange. The number of issued securities is 500, the nominal value – 2 mln rubles. The term of the lending is 5 years; the bonds are putable in 3 years. The coupon yield is paid every quarter. The organizer and technical underwriter of the transaction is PAO AKB Svyaz-Bank.  

Currently, two issues of Obuv Rossii bonds, БО-06 and БО-07, are circulated in Moscow Exchange for the total amount of 2 bln rubles.

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