Obuv Rossii and Orisol have opened a joint training centre — the first and only one in Russia and CIS countries


Novosibirsk, 13 Dec. 2016: On December 12, a formal ceremony of opening the first and only Training Centre of Orisol (world leader in the production of automated sewing systems) in Russia and CIS countries was held. It is a joint project of the Obuv Rossii and Orisol companies which is based at the Obuv Rossii factory in the town of Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region. Investments in the equipment and launching the centre amounted to 20 mln rubles. It is planned that new groups will be formed once a quarter; as a result, 30 to 50 specialists will be trained in the centre every year. If the demand at shoe enterprises grows, the frequency of the seminars will increase as well.

“Several years ago, shoe manufacture technologies changed fundamentally: we changed from using volume shoe upper to using flat upper, which required adjustment of the models and techniques. This revolution is connected with automation of pattern cutting and sewing; and the Orisol company was the originator of this revolution, having developed a new type of machines with numerical control. It is still an all-time leader of this market, - says Marketing Director of Orisol, Abe Steinbach. – The new technologies are not as widely utilized on the Russian shoe market yet: there are just a little more than 100 automated sewing machines of Orisol in Russia. But we see great opportunities and think that this number can potentially grow 10 times, i.e. up to 1,000 machines.”

The training centre is first of all aimed at training fashion designers, technologists and engineers that work with state-of-the-art CNC machines and 3D software. Training will consist of three stages: an introductory course that will last for 2 weeks in the centre, its main goal is the development of shoe models using the new machines and pallet development; the second block will include startup of the machines at the factory where the trained specialist works; and the third part of training will be held some time later (2-3 months) at some enterprise when the specialists will have experience in operating new machines and will have to understand the specific character of automated system functioning in more detail. 

“One of the aims in the creation of the centre is the implementation of new technologies on the Russian shoe market and increasing its competitiveness. According to experience of Russian factories, during the first stage, automated systems make it possible to increase labour productivity 5 to 6 times. But in the case of careful assimilation of the technology, this characteristic can be increased 6 to 8 times. Automation provides a possibility to manufacture some more complicated products, mostly shoes of the casual, semi-sport, sport style and special shoes. Introduction of new technologies is efficient if the volume of output is 1,000-1,200 pairs per model, i.e. it should be a factory manufacturing from 250 to 500 thousand pairs of shoes every year, and most factories in Russia manufacture such volumes,” – says Anton Titov, Director of the Obuv Rossii Group of Companies.

Geographically, the centre will work with specialists from Russia and CIS countries. The first course will start in February 2017. Simultaneously, 8 students can be trained in the centre - first of all engineers, designers, technologists and fashion designers. Payment for training will include only expenses for consumable materials – components and technical accessories. Depending on the sewn products, the course will cost from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. The course will be taught by engineers from Obuv Rossii who have been trained in Taiwan. In addition, Orisol specialists from Israel, Bulgaria, Taiwan will come here every six months to hold training courses for advanced users of the Orisol technology. 


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