RAEX (Expert RA) Confirmed the Rating of "Obuv Rossii" Group of Companies at the Level of А+


RAEX Rating Agency (Expert RA) confirmed the credit rating (long-term credit capacity) of "Obuv Rossii" Group of Companies at the level of A+ "A very high level of credit capacity", the third sublevel, the rating forecast – "stable".

The key factors exerting positive influence on the rating assessment included high profitability indicators excluding unrealized revaluations (for the period of 30.06.2015-30.06.2016 ROA=10.2%, ROE=24.5%, ROS=14.0%, EBITDA profitability was 25.5%), low currency risks and moderately high liquidity figures (as of 30.06.2016 the coefficients of absolute, quick and current liquidity were 0.13, 0.61 and 1.35, respectively). The Group's activity is characterized by the high diversification of the structure of revenue and prime cost by counterparties (private persons are main purchasers in the revenue structure, the share of the largest supplier was 13% based on the results of 2015), the wide geography of sales and location of production capacities, as well as moderately high trends of business amount growth. 
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