"Obuv Rossii" to Issue a Line of Tactic Footwear


Design centre of "Obuv Rossii" Group of Companies has developed a new line of tactic footwear, which includes more than 20 models. Pilot samples have already been manufactured, mass production of the new line will start in November 2016. The first batch in the amount of 10 thousand pairs will be produced by the end of 2016. In 2017 the production of such footwear, including military footwear, will be 150-200 thousand pairs.

Tactic footwear is intended for use in complex weather conditions and is designed for those who prefer active rest, hunters, military men, sportsmen. "Obuv Rossii" is able to enter the market of such footwear, since it has purchased an S-TEP factory that specializes in the production of footwear of casual and semi-sport styles, and possesses all necessary technologies and competences. "To produce tactic footwear that will endure overloads, we need modern equipment and technologies. Our factory in Berdsk, that became a member of "Obuv Rossii" Group of Companies in November 2015, is equipped with machines by leading world producers (Desma, Orisol and others) and is nearly fully automated, which makes it possible to produce complex assortment", says Sergei Yung, General Director of "Obuv Rossii" Production Company.

The upper of footwear from the new collection by "Obuv Rossii" is made of cordura material, it's a special fabric that is applied in the production of military footwear, is waterproof and abrasion resistant. The sole is fixed with the method of direct injection molding to the upper, when the "adhesion" takes place at the molecular level, that's why the risk of separation of the sole is reduced to zero. In producing the sole, the STOP ICE technology is applied, which is a special protector pattern that provides high skid-resistant properties. In winter models, "Obuv Rossii" uses membrane materials and modern synthetic insulation (tinsulate).

The tactic footwear line is another step of the company on its way to enter new markets. In May 2016 "Obuv Rossii" launched a line to produce special and military footwear together with the Largos company. The first batch in the amount of 50 thousand pairs will be produced by the end of the year. Today "Obuv Rossii" produces footwear with all main types of the sole fixture, that's why the potential of the company to expand the assortment is nearly not limited.

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