Obuv Rossii Started Producing Shoes for Arctic


Obuv Rossii has manufactured the first batch of shoes intended to be used in the conditions of the Arctic. The Company develops this type of shoes under a separate brand — Pioneer of Arctic Travel. When producing this type of shoes, special technologies are used which make it possible to stand low temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions. Samples from the first batch were provided to the Expedition Centre of the Russian Geographic Society to be tested at the Barneo ice station.

The Company has been developing such shoes for a long time already. The Stop Ice technology is used in the footwear – that’s a special sole and protector that ensure high level of protection against slip. The upper is made with the use of frost-resistant EVA material that has good heat insulation properties. New materials were developed by own R&D centre that is a part of Obuv Rossii GC – Modified Polymers laboratory.
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