Obuv Rossii to Make Its Production Areas 1.5 Times Bigger


Obuv Rossii increases production areas of its factory in Berdsk: last week the company signed a contract to purchase additional areas of 2 thousand square meters. As a result of the deal, the production areas of the Berdsk factory of Obuv Rossii will become 1.5 times bigger: from the current 3.8 thousand square meters to 5.8 thousand square meters. The factory is enlarged in order to implement the program of Obuv Rossii production development and the plans to increase the production volumes of military, tactic and other footwear of special purposes. 

"Now one of important directions for Obuv Rossii is to increase the production volumes of special footwear. This year we will produce 50 thousand pairs of military footwear. Next year we will make the production volumes several times higher: in early September we signed a contract with Largos for the production and supply of 200 thousand pairs of military footwear for the amount of 500 million rubles in 2017," comments Sergei Yung, Director of Obuv Rossii Production Company. "We also develop a collection of work footwear and plan to take part in the tenders for the production of such footwear in the future. Now national producers of civil footwear have got an access to a market that is new for them on which 70-80% of products were import footwear as far back as several years ago."

The company needs the new areas, since the cutting-and-sewing section is enlarged and the new directions are launched. Thus, the first stage of implementation of the program of modernization of the cutting-and-sewing section was the purchase of two sets of automated sewing systems by Orisol, each of which includes three machines, and an embroidery complex. The factory got the equipment in late May this year. A line for the production of military and special footwear will be located on the new areas too. 

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