The Obuv Rossii Group successfully works on the open market. The Company is the first and only Russian shoe retailer that has implemented a bond programme since 2011, when the Company placed the first issue of classical bonds. Then, from September 2014, the Company started using exchange bonds having offered four bond issues. In the last six years, Obuv Rossii has issued 6.2 bln rubles worth of bonds. The company issued exchange bonds three times at Moscow Exchange with a total volume of 3.5 bln rubles. They were offered publicly in 2016-17. The basic purpose of Company’s bond issuance program is to diversify the company's loan portfolio, increase the share of long-term liabilities and enhance the company's public image among the investors.

БО-01 series bond issues parameters 

  • БО-01 series bonds with the par value of 1,000 rubles.
  • Total volume — 1.5 bln rubles.
  • Placement dates — 20 July 2017. 
  • Maturity — 3 years from the placement date.
  • BCS Global Markets is the organizer and GLOBEXBANK is the co-organizer of placement.
  • Trading facility — Moscow Exchange. 
  • Coupon 1-4 rate — 15% per year.

БО-06 and БО-07 series bond issues parameters

  • БО-06 and БО-07 series bonds with the par value of 2 mln rubles. 
  • Total volume — 2 bln rubles.
  • Placement dates — 28 March 2016 and 26 January 2017.
  • Maturity — 5 years from the placement date. 
  • Organizer and technical underwriter of the loans — PAO AKB Svyaz-Bank. 
  • Trading facility — Moscow Exchange.
  • Coupon 1 rate (БО-06) — 13.8% per year.
  • Coupon 1 rate (БО-07) — 13.8% per year.  

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