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Westfalika Medical
Westfalika Medical is an umbrella brand. In the autumn of 2010, Obuv Rossii started to sell foot care creams under the Westfalika brand. A test batch had been released and was sold out within a short period of time without any advertising support. According to the results of the test sales, it was decided to launch a Westfalika Medical umbrella brand.
In the autumn of 2011, foot care products appeared under this brand in Obuv Rossii stores. The line consisted of 15 items. This was a special cosmetic line, which, at that time, included creams with different effects and for different purposes. 

In 2013, Obuv Rossii launched a new cosmetic line of foot care products, developed on the base of the Crimea's pink salt, which are several types of salt for footbath and foot care of various effects (moisturizing, nourishing, and cooling). The original composition of the Westfalika Medical products, including primarily natural components, is created by Adelaide, a professional white cosmetics manufacturer. The same company manufactures Westfalika Medical creams and salts.

In 2015, Obuv Rossii kept expanding the line, which nowadays counts 69 SKU. So, in early spring 2015, Obuv Rossii GC launched new Westfalika Medical foot and body care products for sale — they are socks-masks, gloves-masks, and cloth facial masks with various active ingredients and properties: regeneration, moisturizing, nourishing, skin tightening, etc.  

In 2016, the Westfalika Medical project earned 35 bln rubles or 0.4% of the retail revenues. Now, each customer purchases on average 3-4 products of the Westfalika Medical brand.

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