Our brands

  • Westfalika


    Westfalika is the main retail chain operated by Obuv Rossii Group and one of the most famous brands on the Russian shoe market. Today, the Westfalika chain consists of over 300 stores located across over 100 Russian cities. The chain operates mono-brand stores and specializes in the mid-price segment of the shoe market.  

  • Peshekhod


    Peshekhod is a multi-brand shoe supermarket chain offering a wide range of shoe types for various customer needs. Currently, Peshekhod operates more than 45 stores located across a number of large cities in Siberia and the Urals. 
  • S-TEP


    S-TEP is a Russian brand of female and male comfortable footwear. Since its establishment in 2000, S-TEP has used advanced German molding technology enabling the production of sturdy, light and comfortable shoes ideal both for everyday wear and outdoor activities.

  • Emilia Estra

    Emilia Estra

    Emilia Estra is a footwear retailer operating in the mid-priced segment of the market. A combination of brightness, elegance and originality makes Emilia Estra footwear perfect for 25-30 year-old women. 

  • Rossita


    Founded in 1992, Rossita has become one of the most recognizable retail chains in the regions of Ural and Siberia. Currently, Rossita operates over 40 stores in seven Russian cities.
  • Lisette


    On the shoe market since 2002, Lisette has grown to be a widely-recognized brand in many Russian regions . The company’s retail chain consists of over 40 stores.

  • ALL.GO


    All.go is a casual brand introduced to the market in spring-summer season of 2014. The brand’s collections include summer, beach and garden-style shoes made of EVA materials as well as sneakers.
  • Medelista


    In summer 2016, the Obuv Rossii Group supplemented the range of the Westfalika stores with a shoe collection of the new brand Medelista. These are shoes made of high-quality synthetic leather.
  • Pioneer of Arctic Travel

    Pioneer of Arctic Travel

    In 2015, Obuv Rossii released the first batch of shoes designed to ensure protection under harsh conditions in the Extreme North.
  • Snow Guard

    Snow Guard

    Snow Guard - clothes for active people who want to look stylish even in cold and snowy weather. The Snow Guard range includes winter and seasonal jackets as well as windcheaters.

  • Westfalika Medical

    Westfalika Medical

    Westfalika Medical is a large umbrella brand, selling a variety of products. In the autumn of 2010, Obuv Rossii began selling Westfalika foot care creams in its chains.
  • Westfalika Home

    Westfalika Home

    Westfalika Home is a brand of home goods sold in Obuv Rossii stores since September 2014. The Company launched home textiles first, and later extended its range of goods to include loungewear, children’s textiles and other products. Currently, the share of Westfalika Home in total trade revenue is more than 2%.

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