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Snow Guard

Obuv Rossii launched a new brand of Snow Guard outerwear in July 2014. At the beginning, the collections included only winter outerwear, in 2015-2017 the company widened the range of goods and divided it into different categories; nowadays raincoats and light overcoats, padded jackets and down coats are presented in the Group’s stores. Therefore, the Group has become more professional in dealing with outerwear category, lengthened the season, which has resulted in increasing revenue and number of customers.   11_6_angl.jpg

The concept of Snow Guard brand is creating practical and fashionable solutions using modern innovative technologies. Snow Guard is outerwear for modern active people who want to look stylish in every kind of weather. The Snow Guard brand develops in the shop-in-shop format in the Group’s retail chains. Every store is equipped with a special outerwear zone which as a rule is located in the center of the shopping space next to a checkout area. 


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