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Westfalika is the main brand of the Group, monobrand stores in the mid-price segment offering shoes of classical design. The Westfalika chain consists of 306 stores (including franchising ones) located in 98 Russian cities (as of 31.12.2017).11_1_angl.jpg

Westfalika is monobrand stores working in the mid-price segment. Westfalika is shoes of European style, which is characterized by elegance, beauty and comfort. Westfalika shoes are only made of genuine leather and natural fur. Every season Westfalika offers actual collections that meet requirements of the main fashion trends. Westfalika is casual urban shoes.

Since November 2011, a German designer Thomas Frank is Chief Designer of the Westfalika chain. He has more than 30 years of experience of work with such famous European brands as Peter Kaiser, Ara, Dockers. Fruitful cooperation with this designer allowed us to make the models of Westfalika shoes more stylish, elegant and bright.

For promotion and increasing brand awareness, Westfalika actively cooperates with the Russian movie and show business stars. Since December 2010, a singer Valeriya has been the face of Westfalika, she takes part in advertising campaigns and also in developing new designs for shoes. In the spring of 2013, Westfalika together with Valeriya released a line of fashionable footwear under the trade mark Valeriya by Westfalika.

Besides footwear Westfalika stores offer a wide range of related products under private labels. The shopping space is equipped with special branded zones for outwear, hosiery,shoe cared etc.


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