Obuv Rossii is a fast-growing company. We pay close attention to the experience of both international shoe companies as well as leaders in other more developed retail markets. We adapt successful practices, and launch new management, marketing and finance projects. We are not afraid of experimenting and testing new ideas, applying all of our experience in the process.

We aim for the future. The competition on the shoe market is changing fast. Only those who promptly and efficiently introduce innovative ideas will succeed. Our company was the first one on the shoe market to introduce sales by instalments . We develop our range of non-shoe products and introduce items that are not standard for shoe networks, such as foot creams. We examine new store formats. We focus on mono-brands, develop shoe supermarkets. We partnered with a celebrity and invited a designer from abroad to work on our shoe collections. 

In our work, we not only listen to the opinions of leaders from other markets, but also confidently share our own. Our team plans each of our projects carefully and thoroughly, paying attention to all detail,  In addition, we think that it is impossible to develop an efficient company alone. This is why we work on joint projects with various partners. We actively invest in staff development, because we are sure that the Company’s success is inextricably linked to our employees’ personal development and satisfaction.

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