Omnichannel sales and e-commerce

Omnichannel sales and e-commerce

In March 2014, Obuv Rossii entered the e-commerce market. Nowadays the company operates five online stores:, and

In 2017, the revenue of e-commerce trade increased by 56%, its share in the retail revenue reached 10%.  mobile.jpg

For the last two years, the Obuv Rossii online item list substantially expanded and now includes footwear, clothes, different accessories and related products. Currently, offers more than 5,000 items.

Obuv Rossii places strategic focus on multi-channel and omni-channel trade. The customer is encouraged to make a purchase using different channels and instruments, with the switch from one channel to another being "seamless". Thus, the interaction between the customer and the company brand comes to the fore. This is why all Obuv Rossii online stores are mono-brand and virtually serve as an extension to the traditional retail network.


An important trend that will determine the development of e-commerce in the nearest future is the increasing use of mobile phones. In connection with that, the Company launched in 2017 some updated mobile versions of the websites for the online stores of and This allowed increasing the mobile sales: in 2017, the number of orders made via mobile devices was 2.6 times higher. 

4_e-commerce_1_angl.jpg What gives the Company’s online stores a competitive advantage over others is the already existing offline retail chain throughout Russia, providing the infrastructure to deliver orders in any region of the country. This reduces logistics costs for customer pickup points  (90% of all customers choose to pick up their online order from store), and helps to solve delivery issues more efficiently. Every store of the Company performs the function of a mini-warehouse and a customer pick-up point. Obuv Rossii’s online stores also offer its clients some other formats of delivery: the CDEK and DPD courier services and the Post of Russia.

A multi-functional center for information support and order processing was created in the Company. It works 7 days a week, serving clients of the Company from all regions of Russia.  Obuv Rossii has developed a single system of order management: data on all the orders from any online store of the Company come to and are processed in one database.

Obuv Rossii uses different channels to communicate with its clients, including both traditional (offline stores, catalogs, etc.) and new ones (e-mailing, social networks, etc.). This allows the company to make the interaction with the brand more comfortable for the customers, since they can select an interaction channel that is suitable for them at every certain moment of time.

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