In March 2014, Obuv Rossii entered the e-commerce market. The company has opened five online stores: westfalika.ru, emilia-estra.ruwestfalika-home.rulisette.me and Rossita.com

In 2016, the revenue of e-commerce trade increased by 50%, and average online bill increased by 5%. 

For the last two years, the Obuv Rossii online item list substantially expanded and now includes footwear, clothes, different accessories and related products. Currently, Westfalika.ru offers more than 5,000 items.

Obuv Rossii places strategic focus on multi-channel and omni-channel trade. The customer is encouraged to make a purchase using different channels and instruments, with the switch from one channel to another being "seamless". Thus, the interaction between the customer and the company brand comes to the fore. This is why all Obuv Rossii online stores are mono-brand and virtually serve as an extension to the traditional retail network.

What gives the Company’s online stores a competitive advantage over others is the already existing offline retail chain throughout Russia, providing the infrastructure to deliver orders in any region of the country. This reduces logistics costs for customer pickup points  (90% of all customers choose to pick up their online order from store), and helps to solve delivery issues more efficiently.

In 2016, the traffic of the main online store of the Company (Westfalika.ru) increased by 40%. In the same year, Novosibirsk became the region with the largest online traffic while Yekaterinburg came on top according to number of online orders.

An important trend that will determine e-commerce development in the near future is the increasing use of mobile devices. In 2016, the share of customers accessing Westfalika.ru from a mobile device increased by 7%, and now every third hit is from a smartphone or a tablet.  This is why  one of the key tasks for the Company this year is to develop mobile sales technology.

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