Retail sale of footwear and related products

Retail sale of footwear and related products

The Obuv Rossii retail line includes ten brands and five retail chains: 

  • The Westfalika chain’s main target group are women aged 30-50. The chain offers over 1,000 new items each season, including fashionable European-design shoes. In addition to footwear, the chain’s product line includes leather goods and haberdashery, bags, hosiery, Westfalika shoe care products as well as Westfalika Medical, a specialized line of foot creams. In 2014, the Company started to develop the Westfalika flagship store format.

  • The Peshekhod chain specialises in men’s, women’s and children’s footwear. Currently, the chain has more than 45 stores with average size of 220 sq. m. More than 2,000 new items are launched each season, 30% of the Peshekhod range and 70% other brands, including Westfalika.

  • EMILIA ESTRA is a boutique-style format offering fashionable shoes and accessories for women and young people. The store’s average size is 100-150 sq. m. Currently, there are 8 Emilia Estra stores.

  • Rossita is a multi-brand chain for the whole family offering footwear for various occasions, as well as a wide range of bags and accessories.  Currently, there are more than 40 Rossita stores.

  • Lisette is a mono-brand chain offering French-style shoes ideal for young people. During production of the Lisette shoe, unique technologies and materials are used which ensure comfort, lightness and heat insulation. The Lisette chain currently includes more than 40 stores.

  • All.go is a casual brand offering beach, summer and garden shoes, as well as sport and walking shoes made of the superlight EVA material. All.go is featured in the shop-in-shop Westfalika and Peshekhod stores.  

  • Snow Guard is a brand of outer garments for young active people who want to look stylish in any weather. The Snow Guard range includes winter down jackets, demi season jackets, raincoats and windbreakers, hats and accessories. Snow Guard products are featured in the shop-in-shop Westfalika and Peshekhod stores.

  • S-TEP is a casual brand – comfortable and practical semi-sport shoes for every day. S-TEP shoes are usually produced using the injection moulding construction method.

  • Medelista is a new brand of shoes tailored to suit the lifestyle of young women aged 20-30. Currently, the Medelista range includes fashionable sandals and toeless shoes in bright colours made of high quality materials, as well as spring-autumn shoes.

  • Pioneer of Arctic Travel is footwear designed for arctic conditions. In manufacturing the range, special technologies are used to ensure comfort in low temperature and harsh conditions. The Stop Ice technology is used during manufacture, as well as a special sole and a protector to ensure high level of protection against slipping. 

The Obuv Rossii chains offer a wide range of related products - more than 4 500 different items. Sales of non-footwear products (including clothes) made up 27.3% of total Company revenue for 2016. 

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