Financial services

Financial services

Since 2007, Obuv Rossii has been developing financial services for its clients. Financial services being an essential part of the company’s retail strategy enable the Group to build log-term relationships with clients, form wide audience of loyal customers, which results in increase of revenues and profitability of the Group.


The development of financial services is connected with the changes in the modern retail, the stores do not just sell goods, they play the role of universal service centers; the borders between different retail formats are blurred: stores are pick-up points for online-stores, as well as points for cash payments, insurance sales, etc.

Nowadays Obuv Rossii develops additional services within the Arifmetika system. It is an innovative loyalty programme which combines a traditional accumulative and discount system and financial services. Arifmetika is a club of easy purchases which enhances the customers’ opportunities for buying goods and offers some additional options. In 2017 the number of holders of the loyalty cards increased by 25% to 1.95 mln holders, 60% of purchases in the Obuv Rossii sotres are made with the use of the loyalty cards.

The main service offered by Obuv Rossii is installment payments. In 2007, the Company became the first player on the footwear market to offer a loan programme to its customers. From 2009 onwards, Obuv Rossii started providing loans independently and introduced payment by instalments system. From that moment and till the present day, more than 1,17 mln customers have taken advantage of this service, with 70% of customers using it more than once.


Cash loans are the second most popular service. The company launched this project in 2010.  The company gives cash loans only to the customers who had already bought items using the payment by instalments plan and had successfully fulfilled their obligations to the Company, which is the peculiar feature of this service.

Besides installment payments and cash loans, such services as cash payments, e-wallet and other services are available for customers within the Arifmetika system. In Summer 2016, a pre-paid Arifmetika MasterCard was issued, the Company started to credit cash loans on the cards.


Obuv Rossii improves the instrument of payment acceptance. In 2017, Obuv Rossii launched the service of online-payments for installments and cash loans through the services of Sberbank PJSC, including payments via the "Sberbank Online". The service become available for the customers in June. In December, the share of online-payments already reached 3%. In 2018, the Company plans to expand further the opportunities of remote payments, including the introduction of online payments with the use of Arifmetika cards.

A team of more than 100 managers with vast banking and finance experience manage these services. They are divided into three different teams: retail credit team, analytical support team and financial safety team. The Company has developed its own IT system that makes it possible to perform online transactions and maintain financial services. The scoring system is constantly being improved. 



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