Important facts about the company

More than 3,300 staff members.
Our employees are footwear experts who can help the client in any situation.

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Obuv Rossii operates two manufacturing facilities located in Novosibirsk and Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region. 

Key production areas include:

  • Production of shoes of natural leather using the adhesive method. Classical women’s and men’s footwear. 
  • Production of seamless shoes of the EVA material using the moulding construction method and shoe bottom parts of EVA, TEP and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). 
  • Production of shoes of natural leather using the direct  injectionmethod – a process where the sole is moulded directly onto the lasted upper. Casual and semi-sport shoes as well as walking shoes.

The company’s manufacturing facilities span over a total area of more than 5,000 square meters. 

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More than 535 stores

Located in more than 150 cities

5  core retail brands 


More than 5,000 SKUs of related products.

Sales of the related products make up 31% of the company’s retail revenue (as of 31.12.2017).



5 Online stores  -,, and
More than 5,300 SKUs on
Online sales increase by 56% in 2017.

More than 51% of all visitors access the website using a mobile device. 

Geography of sales – All Russia.


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According to data from the Discovery Research Group:
477.1 bln rubles is the total segment worth for 2017.   
35% of the market is expected to increase.

4.7% the share of three largest retail chains.

TOP-5 players of the mid-price segment according to number of branded stores in Russia in  2017.

Company The number of branded stores in 2017
1 Obuv Rossii 535
2 Respect 185
Ralf Ringer
4 Tervolina
5 Paolo Conte 77
Source: official sites of companies

According to data from the Discovery Research Group: 
1 363.1 bln rubles or more than 329.2 mln pairs of shoes - market capacity for 2017.    
2.24 pairs a year.
Consumption level is expected to grow.

TOP-10 players of the Russian footwear market according to number of branded stores in 2017.

Company 2017
1 Kari 787
2 Obuv Rossii 535
3 Unichel
4 Belwest 276
5 Zenden
6 Monro
7 Chester/Carnaby/TJ collection
8 Respect
9 Ralf Ringer 169
10 ECCO 157 

Source: official sites of companies

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